Sunday, February 6, 2011

Massive and Effective, Too

As I was toiling away on the aforementioned latest article on the site, about three video game movies that mattered, towards the end of work on it, I started to be remiss on editing it. I had taken a months-long break from gaming on my PS3 while putting the page together, and suddenly I was turning on the console again to play.

What was dragging me away? The marvellous Mass Effect 2, that's what, by the RPG wizards at Bioware. Yes, the game mechanics are top notch, the RPG elements simple yet incredibly effective, combat is endless joy, all these are true. But what really startles me the most when playing are the production values of the game. I don't think I've ever played a game that looked and felt so good, not just with the graphics but with how the whole thing is put together, from ship design to character models to the voice acting to even the diverse and brilliantly designed wardrobe.

It's like you're watching a new Star Trek episode, one that has miraculously brought the series back from the smoking pit that it has been thrown into with the last few incarnations of the show, and doing it with great style and practiced storytelling. But this is no Star Trek. It is an intricate and stunning universe that keeps you guessing and constantly pushing forward. And it's not to be missed by any gamer worth his salt. Or Iridium, either.

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