Monday, March 18, 2013

Big Changes Ahead for The Dot Eaters

Hello there.  I wanted to give anyone reading the blog and history articles a heads-up that we are in the throes of a redesign of the site.  The relaunch will be happening on May 1st, but there is a lead-time to get everything up and running.  To that effect, I have exported  the Blogger blog to the hosted TDE blog, and hence will not be making any further major updates to this one.

You can still keep tabs on us through our social media hooks, a la:



As for the redesign, you can expect a much better navigational scheme, and a much cleaner, more dynamic and just plain better-looking presentation of the content.  We will also be doing some giveaway contests when the site launches in May, so keep an eye out on those social media sites above for your opportunity to win some TDE swag.

To facilitate your winning of said loot, as well as receiving a heads-up when the new site (still goes live, you can hit our contact page through the link at the top of the screen, leave your email, and we'll give a shout out when it happens.

Thanks for reading the Blogger blog, and for continuing to relive video game history at our site throughout the 15 years of its existence.  Game on, people!